Aviation and aerospace are continuing to expand the influence of data and information. Aviation is shifting from a product-centric to a service-centric focus, so clients are reaching out for The Ascend to assist with mapping their customers experiences and weaving that information together with an expanding set of technologies as part of an ongoing digital transformation for sales, marketing, operations, customer support (includes maintenance), flight crews, and passengers. These digital experiences are specific to each passenger yet transcend the value chain supporting the lifecycle of the products (aircraft, components, and supporting technologies) to create separation and deliver superior value for all customers (internal and external).

The Ascend’s expertise and services are transferable across many industries as we see the singularity of data, information, analytics, services, and customer needs driving similar goals for alignment, optimization, and speed with decisions and service delivery. The changes in technology and customer-driven service is pushing traditional operational processes and technologies beyond their comfort zone. The Ascend brings a stepwise approach with our Accelo(TM) methodology to integrate strategy, roadmaps, technologies, and teams on a common vision using Agile to deliver quick wins and build momentum. Our proven approach has helped organizations accelerate their transformations (digital, technical, and operational).

Our business processes

  • Strategy To Execution
  • Digital Architectures – B2B/B2C
  • Business Continuity Optimization
  • Portfolio Rationalization & Optimization
  • Adaptable Security (product, cabin, services)
  • Resource Optimization for Operational Effectiveness
  • Shared Services Design for Business and Technology