Interim Leadership-as-a-Service

Interim Leadership-as-a-Service is specifically meant for business and IT leaders such as in Architecture, Application, Data, Infrastructure, Operations, Process/PMO/Portfolio governance to effectively handle Covid Crisis and its fallouts. This service is a 2-phase approach namely Immediate and Re-vitalization to handle KLTO (Keep The Lights On) activities, ramp-up activities and planning for new Future State. This Service stabilizes operations, builds post-Covid portfolio and roadmap, IT operational reset for rest of 2020.

COVID Crisis Management

Interim Leadership-as-a-Service
  • Interim Leadership – VP/Director in Architecture/App/Infra
  • O-CTO
  • Fractional Mentoring and Advisory
  • Ramp-down and Consolidation strategies
KLTO (Keep The Lights On) activities
  • Remote Management
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Partner Planning Model (across Value Chain)
  • Operational Escalation, Coordination, & Agile Decision Making
Ramp Up activities
  • Staffing & Sourcing
  • Resetting Expectations
  • Prioritization and Scale Up
  • Digital Transition & Process Transformation
Planning for New Future State
  • Demand Planning
  • Risk, Quality, & Debt Planning
  • Contingency Planning Built-Into Service
  • Resilient Service Delivery (ITSM)

Key Outcomes

Provide Office of the CIO/CTO (O-CIO) and O-CTO support – if it doesn’t exist, enable/create immediate O-CIO processes for reporting and governance

Provide operational day-to-day leadership in managing PMO/Portfolio/projects governance

Enable remote workforce and effective leadership, establish workforce engagement model, operating governance processes

Tactical Operational Line Management in Infrastructure, IT and App Operations (“Surgical” and “Parachuting” talent/teams)

Execute ramp down/consolidation strategies and support. Tactical execution and long-term support

Enable Operational and Management Escalation services

Review and Enhance ITSM/Service Management, BCP/DR Plans and operationalize immediate processes where needed!

Review and Enhance data privacy and systems tech debt where vulnerabilities may have escalated due to WFH remote working

Post Covid-19 Roadmap for Portfolio re-prioritization, IT Operational Strategy reset for 2H 2020