Life sciences & Pharma

Healthcare is being disrupted with technology, information, and challenges with cost containment and reimbursement models. There are new entrants coming aboard from every sector as diagnostic services are increasingly distributed to non-traditional players while protocols and procedures are shifting from centralized hospitals to more localized service providers. These changes present challenges to patient flow, information flow, privacy, and quality of care. Further, the distributed nature of care adds to the complexity for payers and providers to ensure there is approval and coordination of care to support reimbursement.

The Ascend team has helped numerous providers (pharma, device, diagnostics, hospital, and care centers) with planning and addressing these challenges. Further, we have accelerators and expertise to jumpstart design and implementation of solutions. We provide a collaborative approach that ensure alignment and adherence to the compliance and customer needs within each organization, realizing that results only matter when risk is properly managed.

Our business processes

  • Portfolio Management (Clinical Trial Optimization)
  • Strategy Driven Planning for Investment (Change)
  • Technology Assessment and Rationalization
  • Life Science Digital Architecture B2B/B2C
  • Information Asset Harmonization
  • Master Data, Data Investigation, Data Governance, Trust
  • R&D/Drug Manufacturing/Commercial and Pharma Supply chain
  • Requirements Optimization (project, product, patient)