Ascend has tremendous expertise working with traditional big-box retailers, specialty stores and online retailers. We understand the macro trends and challenges facing this industry and often called upon to devise specific business and technology solutions in the IT Transformation and Strategy, Digital, Enterprise Information Management and business consulting areas.

Our Digital strategy advances Gen Z consumer expectations in social, mobile, local and personalized content along with enabling consumer-generated content (CGC) in an integrated digital solutions. Today’s retail consumers demand a frictionless, omnichannel experience so their preferences/shopping experiences work so seamlessly across in-store,
e-commerce/web, social media, mobile work in concert.

Retail Analytics form another cornerstone to advance digital and predictive enterprise with 360* degree views of customers, consumers and the entire supply chain.

Our business processes

  • Merchandising/CPFR and Supply chain
  • Store Processes
  • Distribution, Logistics, and Transportation
  • Digital Architectures – B2B/B2C
  • Repair and Support Services
  • Integrated Omni-channel -
    In-Store/Web ecommerce/Social/Mobile
  • Pricing, Analytics, and Modeling